First Vitiligo Fairy Tale in Children’s Literature Authored by Jewel Kats

  Loving Healing Press of Ann Arbor, MI, announces the release of Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy Tale by award-winning author Jewel Kats. Picking the classical theme of good-conquering-evil, Kats has created the first vitiligo fairy tale in the world of children’s books. A modern-day story, Snow White’s Seven Patches: A Vitiligo Fairy […]

Documentary Project to Reveal the Story of Tony’s Killing


Empathy In Motion: Students Stand Together Against Bullying

  Thursday, August 29th and Friday, August 30th, 2013, I saw empathy in action. Spending two days in the presence of Kirk Smalley and his Stand For The Silent message, I was paralyzed with hope as countless hearts were changed and lives were saved. Delivering his deeply personal narrative depicting the loss of his son – Ty Smalley […]

Daddy Versus The Suck Monster by J. Matthew Nespoli

  Southern California author celebrates the joys of fatherhood while reflecting on often humorous challenges that parenthood can present to a new father’s personal life. J. Matthew Nespoli’s Daddy Versus The Suck Monster is an honest, comedic, and irreverent portrayal of first-time fatherhood that wonders if any man is ever completely ready for the changes […]

In Harm’s Way – Recovery Expert Holli Kenley Talks about the Hazard of Bullying

Bullying is a life-threatening issue which has reached alarming statistics in the United States, says recovery expert Holli Kenley, author of Cyber Bullying No More, who actively blogs and speaks on this serious issue. Later this month, Holli and her team have organized an anti-bullying event called ‘In Harm’s Way – Dangers Facing Our Children Today’ to take […]

‘Repair for KIDS’ to be Used in Group Therapy for Kids

Marjorie McKinnon’s book Repair for Kids: A Children’s Program for Recovery from Incest and Childhood Sexual Abuse (Loving Healing Press, 2008) will now be used in a therapy group for children in Atlanta, GA. The therapy group is supervised by Joyce Carroll, an experienced, certified health counselor and recovery trainer. Recovering the Self had the […]

In Harm’s Way – Children Facing Dangers of Bullying

Yavapai County Anti-Bullying Outreach presents a powerful two-day event – In Harm’s Way – Dangers Facing Our Children Today. Prescott; Prescott Valley; and Chino Valley, Arizona – August 29th and 30th, 2013 – In Harm’s Way – Dangers Facing Our Children Today is a two-day valley wide anti-bullying event to raise awareness about the destructive […]

Mountain Air: Relapsing And Finding The Way Back One Breath At A Time

Holli Kenley’s Mountain Air: Relapsing And Finding The Way Back One Breath At A Time (Loving Healing Press, 2013) is a brutally honest personal narrative detailing a painful decent into relapse and a powerful journey back to recovering. The following excerpt makes the first chapter of the book. For more information about the author and […]

Rising Demand Makes ClimateMaster a Hot Topic

  An ‘uncertain economy’ seems to be the financial outlook for the U.S. that will stick around for a while. Yet, despite these economic times, geothermal heating and cooling systems are being installed across the U.S. – with over 1,000,000 geothermal (or ground-source) heat pumps currently being used in U.S. residential, commercial and government buildings. […]

MassageLuXe Offering the Best in Mental and Physical Health

  These are two company names that are being talked about everywhere, with the buzz growing larger each day for both franchises. MassageLuXe is proving to the national audience that they are the ones to go to in order to maintain a healthy – not to mention, relaxing – regimen for muscles, bones, and both […]