Chandler Innovations Incubator Invites You to CULT Your Brand, November 9

Date: November 09, 2017

Time: 1:00 pm

Effective marketing strategies appeal to our most deeply felt values and beliefs. These strategies are effective at attracting potential customers. That’s why most companies create detailed plans for getting new customers. However, few devote that same energy to retaining those customers once we have them.

This session is not about acquiring new customers; it’s about how to keep a customer once you’ve acquired them, and introduces you to Values-Based Customer Retention. Since our goal is to create loyal customers, we need a model for loyalty that has already been proven to work. That loyalty model has been staring us in the face for centuries through the model of organized religion, which use 5 basic techniques to create loyalty. I have extracted these five techniques from their religious trappings so they can be applied in a business environment.

In this innovative session you will learn:

  • The nature of loyalty

  • Why traditional marketing and branding doesn’t create loyalty

  • The 4 Big Questions you must answer for your customer to win their loyalty

  • 5 specific ways to answer those 4 Big Questions

Chandler Innovations Incubator
249 E Chicago Street
Chandler 85225
(480) 884-0336


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