Outdoor Adventure Quest AZ Winter 2017 in Phoenix, December 8 – 10

December 08 – December 10, 2017

That’s right AZ! We’re back at it… this time with a statewide WINTER Quest! Same rules with a few different categories representing winter sports. Obviously things like raft/paddle and waterfalls will be removed, but don’t worry we’ve not only kept the brewery category… we’re expanding it!

Quick Review on how it works:

-All digital event statewide in AZ so start anywhere and end anywhere with your team of 2-6 people.
-Teams MUST STAY TOGETHER during the Quest but only 2 members of your team need to finish a task for it to count towards points
-12 categories of challenge tasks to build your own adventure from
-4 ways to win
-Log your activities by uploading photos and videos to the app
-Check alerts section of the app for giveaways, bonus point opportunities and more!

We’re working on a kick off party this time so all the questers that want to get together Thursday night can launch the Quest from the same spot. Plus it’s an excuse for a good time. Stay tuned for details!

Winners get prize packs filled with gear from our sponsors.

Website: http://outdooradventurequest.com/


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